Anya Forest Author

Anya Forest is a New Zealand romance writer and author of “A Southern Star”, “A Forgotten Sky”, “A Remembered Land”, “A Southern Shelter” and “A Southern Strait”, contemporary romance novels set in southern New Zealand.

A Southern Star

When heartbroken Christie Mitchell escapes from the city to remote southern New Zealand she meets the disturbing Blake Ryan. Blake’s relentless pursuit is not enough to overcome Christie’s fear of trusting again, and she realises too late that a far bigger challenge lies ahead, one she must face alone. Only then does Blake realise what he could lose if he doesn’t confront his own secretive past.

A Forgotten Sky

Marina Bryant is finally home from Europe, returned to the Maniototo to find the people have changed but the memories haven’t – and not all of them are happy ones. Just as well it’s been six years so she’s grown up and moved on from Daniel Kent, who has always done what he thought was the right thing, but now isn’t so sure. He doesn’t seem pleased to see her home, and he’s not the only one who feels that way. To Marina, Daniel is just another piece in a jigsaw of painful memories… one with missing pieces that she’s never really been able to complete.

A Remembered Land

No matter what Louise Owen does her memories are always there, a stark reminder of what could have been and the mistakes she has made. Her only success has been her academic achievement, but now even her hopes for the future are threatened by the lingering effects of the past. It doesn’t make it any easier when she meets Cody Thomas, the brilliant university student with the gorgeous girlfriend and the golden life. Louise knows Cody could never be interested in someone like her, with her outspoken views, her vulnerabilities and her flaws. He deserves far better, and there seems no point in starting something that would have to end – but keeping Cody at a safe distance only reminds her of everything she can never have.

A Southern Shelter

Jesse Holt flees south to forget, pursued only by his conscience and the shadow holding on to his soul. Only at a remote southern bay can he find solace, or that’s what he tells himself, anyway. Instead he meets Lisa Dillon, who lives for the day – and the night – offering Jesse a way to shut out his memories, temporarily at least. But Lisa’s determination to live in the moment is only one of the barriers between them, as Jesse fights to break free of his past and make a new life for himself. Without Lisa, who knows only the sun in life and nothing of the shade – or the real Jesse. The safest thing he can do is keep her a distance, just like he does with everyone, or else risk shining a light on his true self. Because when the sun shines on darkness, shadows still remain…

A Southern Strait

She’s abandoned ship. His secrets haunt him daily. Can two wayward souls keep their love afloat when the winds of change begin to blow? Rebecca Ryan’s marriage is on the rocks. She’s at an impasse, torn between the stress of fertility treatments and a husband who refuses to love a childless wife. Rebecca hopes a trip to a remote southern coast will clear her mind, but when a storm disrupts her search for serenity, she’s left stranded and alone.

Fate has never been too kind to Heath Morgan. Haunted by a tragic past and left to roam the Earth in the shadow of his past mistakes, he finally stumbles upon a chance at redemption. For once, he was in the right place at the right time to save a beautiful stranger. Heath’s chance encounter with Rebecca could be a new opportunity for romance – if he’s willing to let his past sink to the bottom of the ocean. Rebecca and Heath feel a pull stronger than any current. But they’ll need to confront painful losses if they have any chance at charting a new course toward love.