Home From The Homer
Format Paperback | 350 pages
Published Oct 2018 | $34.99
includes NZ postage

What readers have been saying about Home from the Homer

“The story was really moving and I felt all the things Zoe did, especially the icy river water.” (13 year old girl)

“It’s one of those books that hooks you in, right from the start.” (12 year old boy)

“Meeting the moose was like a National Geographic programme, it was so realistic.” (12 year old girl)

“It was very real and I could imagine myself as part of this family.” (10 year old boy)

“I really like Mr Muir and Mr Herrick, they talk like my Poppa and seem to be exactly what hunters would be like.” (13 year old girl)

“Wow, this is cool…the descriptions of the forest and the river are like you’re actually there.” (10 year old boy)

“I wanted to know what would happen next.” (11 year old girl)

“I loved the detail of the landscape and when Zoe was crossing the river.” (15 year old girl)

“It’s the most I’ve seen them read in one go and it was very entertaining to watch their expressions.” (Mother of 13 year old, and 11 year old)

A Doubtful Detour
Format Paperback | 390 pages
Published Jan 2021 | $34.99
includes NZ postage

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