A Southern Strait

She’s abandoned ship. His secrets haunt him daily. Can two wayward souls keep their love afloat when the winds of change begin to blow?

Rebecca Ryan’s marriage is on the rocks. She’s at an impasse, torn between the stress of fertility treatments and a husband who refuses to love a childless wife. Rebecca hopes a trip to a remote southern coast will clear her mind, but when a storm disrupts her search for serenity, she’s left stranded and alone.

Fate has never been too kind to Heath Morgan. Haunted by a tragic past and left to roam the Earth in the shadow of his past mistakes, he finally stumbles upon a chance at redemption. For once, he was in the right place at the right time to save a beautiful stranger. Heath’s chance encounter with Rebecca could be a new opportunity for romance – if he’s willing to let his past sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Rebecca and Heath feel a pull stronger than any current. But they’ll need to confront painful losses if they have any chance at charting a new course toward love.