Anya’s Amazon Adventure

Just sorting my photos from my once in a lifetime trip to South America seeing sights I have dreamed about seeing for years! The pic above is of a sunset on the Amazon River (bit different from the Maniototo!) – a great place to imagine character and plot points for my next romance novel – the atmosphere was absolutely unique. Then it was on to Iguazu Falls, right on the border of Brazil and Argentina – 2.7 kilometres of waterfalls including the amazing “Devil’s Throat” with a boardwalk and viewing platform built right out over the Iguazu River. After that we travelled to Machu Picchu – of course I had seen photos but hadn’t realised it was so high up in the mountains with soaring peaks surrounding us, and the river next to our hotel only a thin distant ribbon as we looked down at where we had started that morning. We ended our trip with a visit to the Galapagos Islands, a tour that meant I could see giant tortoises in their natural environment – something I will always remember. On our arrival we walked along the promenade by the seaside, only to see seals sunning themselves on the seats, which was not what we expected!